Sean Hunting Morse sings personal songs, returning to the small-town stories by way of his classical music roots. Trained in voice and at Northwestern and driven by a love of performing, he taught himself acoustic guitar so he could tell the truth as he hears it.

His heros: like Jim Croce and John Denver and, more recently, David Mead, Cory Branan and Josh Ritter, are storytellers who, by way of music, communicate essential stories of humanity it all its glory and shame, strength and weakness.

In Sean's music there's a sense of harmonic adventure, of melody both precise and unbound. As a guitarist, Sean blends Folk and Blues (and the occasional Jazz) into the perfect accompaniment for his stories.

He has been pursuing songwriting as a craft for over 10 years, having come up through the open mic circuit of Denver, CO. He's played with and for some of the best folking talents the Queen City of the Plains has to offer: Megan Burtt, Gabrielle Louise, Katey Laurel, Melissa Axel, Ryan Morgan, and Joel van Horne, to name a few.

His first studio release, “Lines from Someplace”, was recorded in early 2010 with Jamie Mefford, a producer and recording engineer who's worked with Colorado luminaries such as Gregory Alan Isakov. Following favorable reviews from Denver's Westword, Sean will be touring widely throughout the first quarter of 2011 while relocating to Seattle.